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Alternate final tee at Lunchtime

Alternate final tee

Today at Lunchtime DCG in Portland, Or I saw someone tee off from an alternate position on the final hole (13 or 15, depending on the layout). For RHBH players it makes for a dramatic blind anhyzer, and reduces the repetition the last two holes presented.


Billings MT, Pioneer Park, Winter course map

Pioneer Park winter Disc golf course map

I provide for your viewing pleasure a Disc Golf course map for Pioneer Park Winter course map. Just the basics for all the newbies who are confused by the course having NO signage or teepads. I see a plethora of tee positions being used out there in the wild by this in the know.

I rendered the background in Google Earth then marked up w/ GIMP.

Disc Golf course map for Billings MT, Pioneer Park, Winter layout:

Basket Strategy: Hole 2 Lunchtime

My thoughts on playing Hole 2 at Lunchtime DCG in Portland, Oregon.

This hole plays across a fairly steep hillside with the uphill on your right. The tee is at the bottom and the shot requires you to gain roughly 40ft of elevation to reach the baskets. There is an OB road long left at the bottom of the hill, that usually only comes into play from long skipping hyzers or horrible rollouts. There is also an OB parking lot over the crest of the hill, but you should never be shanking that hard.